Artists Statement


I was born and I grew up in Cape Town South Africa. I have a string of unfinished degrees which I consider lucky escapes. They started with a desire to go into advertising as an art director/graphic designer. I believed it might be a commercial outlet for creativity and a source of liberated excitement & whacky individualism. I eventually lost motivation towards this but fortunately picked up most of the useful craft of layout, typography, photography and many other fine art disciplines like printmaking and life-drawing. Most of my friends still in advertising now complain bitterly about "life in the bordello"!

I had aptitude tests done which confirmed strong capacities for Mathematics and 3-dimensional perception, and was advised to start a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science Maths and physics. I did this, found it too rigorous after 3 years of art and within 2 years it had degenerated into a strange curriculum involving Philosophy politics literature and maths! I remember asking one of my maths lecturers to contextualise some of the maths I was struggling to grasp, and he answered, "I don't really know what it's used for, I think the physicists use it further down the line?" Then I knew this was wasting everybody's time but I had learnt quite a bit about rotational momentum and the maths of sinusoidal oscillation. I had also learnt that tertiary education is actually an exercise in self education, an important lesson. I became a bicycle courier with a view to travelling. This led to a long and interesting career in Industrial access all over the world (this entails abseiling and rope-work on ships, oil-rigs and buildings). It was a fine education in ingenuity and things that resist construction. I became quite employable as a production manager generally on short term projects involving art and design. While doing this over the last 5 years or so, I have always maintained a studio in which to keep my own personal process progressing. Recently I have been trying to move more towards a fulltime involvement in artistic process.